Generative media installation

Arrival uses Google Earth to a synchronous flights to the library from 16 directions relative to the orientation of the 16 screens of the gallery b. The Stuttgart City Library is in this case the center of the world, which – like the proverbial to Rome – now all roads lead. Sounds natural in this work – and that doubled the Detournement – also Duchamp’s readymade, by Marc Lee simply turning a company product into art.

Flight distance: 111 km (Distance between two latitude), flight duration: 6 Minutes, flight altitude: 200 meters above ground.
Synchronous Google Earth flights to the library from 16 directions.

And the reference to Duchamp can go even further. Duchamp Readymades were an attempt to get out from the definition of art. He wanted, as he said “create works that are not artworks anymore.” Duchamp’s position is further radicalized in a legend of how and why he had abandoned making art 1912. The story tells, Marcel Duchamp saw silence an aircraft exhibition in 1912, only to end up saying: “The art is over. Who can make something better than this propeller? “And plaied from then on only chess. So the legend.

Marc Lee behaves different and doesn’t let technical equipment upset him. No, he goes bravely up the propeller, he start rotating it, goes into the aircraft and forcing him on his direction. A direct approach to the place of his exhibition.
Text: Johannes Auer

Example Screen Capture West to East (Strasbourg to Stuttgart)