Biennial Update_6/ NTAA

Zebrastraat, Ghent, Belgium
Curator: Alain Liedts
Artists: 1024 architecture - François Wunschel, Jason Cook, Pier Schneider (FR) ˈWALKING Cubeˈ, Assocreation / Daylight Media Lab (AT/TH) ˈSolar Pink Pongˈ, Alessio Chierico (IT) ˈTrāṭakaˈ, CREW_Eric Joris (BE) ˈCollateral Roomsˈ, Michiel De Cleene (BE) ˈReference Guideˈ, Dries Depoorter (BE) ˈSheriff Softwareˈ, Verena Friedrich (DE) ˈTHE LONG NOWˈ, Julien Grossmann (FR) ˈBreakaway Songsˈ, Elias Heuninck (BE) ˈLightkeepingˈ, Michael Kugler (US) & Sebastian Wolf (DE) ˈBrumeˈ, Marc Lee (CH) ˈPic-meˈ, Michael Mandiberg (US) ˈPrint Wikipediaˈ, Quadrature - Jan Bernstein, Juliane Götz, Sebastian Neitsch (DE) ˈSatellitenˈ, Theresa Schubert (DE) ˈGrowing Geometries (Tattooing Mushrooms)ˈ, Karina Smigla-Bobinski (DE) ˈSIMULACRAˈ, Maja Smrekar (SI) ˈK-9_topology: ECCE CANISˈ, Stanza (UK) ˈThe Readerˈ, Bill Vorn & Louis-Philippe Demers (CA) ˈInfernoˈ, Lien-Cheng Wang (TW) ˈRegeneration Movementˈ

Exhibited Artwork

Pic-Me - Fly to the Locations Where Users Send Posts

Online project

With Pic-Me you can virtually fly to the locations from where users send randomly selected posts to Instagram, thus creating another view on how the media handles posts on social networks. One might describe these posts – images or short videos accompanied by comments, tags and geolocalization – as a kind of digital small talk or personal conversation. Different than face to face conversations more …

Red book cover, black letters: Update 6 – New Technological Art Award. International Exhibition

Update 6 - New Technological Art Award. International Exhibition

[BE] MER. Paper Kunsthalle
Book paperback, 88 pages, 27.9 x 21.6 cm
Dutch, English
Jean-Marie Dallet & Isolde De Buck
ISBN: 9789492321473 ISBN-13: 9789492321473

UPDATE_6 gives an overview of how new technological art has developed since the 1950's. At the site 'Zebrastraat Ghent' various renowned and upcoming artists gave their take on the idea of new technological art. Update_6 reflects of this international exhibition and takes the reader on an insightful journey through the evolution of how the new technological arts have unfolded through history.
more …