Digital Art Works

The Challenges of Conservation, CEAAC, Strasbourg
Curator: Bernhard Serexhe, Chiara Marchini Camia, Arnaud Obermann
Artists: Heiner Blum, Frank Fietzek, Herbert W. Franke, Hervé Graumann, Perry Hoberman, Marc Lee, Nicolas Moulin, Michael Naimark, Nam June Paik, Samuel Rousseau, Antoine Schmitt,Jeffrey Shaw, JODI

Exhibited Artwork

TV Bot - World News as Soon as It Happens!

Network-based television program

The TV Bot is an Internet news channel which only broadcasts brand new stories. Never more than an hour old, they are scooped from the Internet’s news flux, reformatted for a browser and given a URL. The process is automated, with no editorial hand behind the content selection which is reproduced in apparently random order as live TV streams, live radio streams, webcam images and text-based headlines. more …

Grey book cover, black letters: Digital Art Conversation

Digital Art Conservation, Preservation of Digital Art: Theory and Practice.

Ambra V Wien and ZKM | Center for Art and Media
Anthology / Sammelband, 665 pages, 174 images in color, 30 images b/w
Deutsch, English, Français
Bernhard Serexhe (Hg.)
ISBN: 978-3-7091-1469-8; ISBN: 978-3-7091-1469-8; ISBN: 978-3-9904-3533-Digital Art Conservation DeutschEnglishFrançaisFallstudie Gassert: TV Bot, Marc Lee

English edition
Theory and Practice in the Conservation of Digital Art. The Project digital art conservation

Are you born-digital? This could be the ultimate, decisive question in the future when it comes to preserving and making the art of our time accessible for future generations. The book presents the results of the digital art conservation project that was conceived at the ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe in 2010. It includes text contributions by major theorists, restorers, programmers, and artists as well as case studies. It is designed to foster the international debate on the conservation of digital art. With contributions by Edmond Couchot, Alain Depocas, Johannes Gfeller, Sabine Himmelsbach, Anne Laforet, Aymeric Mansoux, Antoni Muntadas, Jussi Parikka, Bernhard Serexhe, Peter Weibel, Siegfried Zielinski, and many others.
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