Farewell Photography - No Image Is an Island

Port25 - Raum für Gegenwartskunst Mannheim and Bookstore Thalia at Paradeplatz, City Centre Mannheim, Germany
Curator: Fabian Knierim et al.
Artists: Natalie Bookchin, Hans-Peter Feldmann, Andreas Horlitz & Reinhard Matz, Stefan Karrer, Marc Lee, Eva & Franco Mattes, Joachim Schmid, D. H. Saur, Juergen Teller, Amalia Ulman, Andrew Norman Wilson
09.09.2017 - 05.11.2017, https://biennalefotografie.de/en/edition/journal/fragen-an-marc-lee

Exhibited Artwork

Bundestagswahl – Meinungskampf in den Sozialen Medien

Network-based inter active television program

In recent months in election campaigns all over the world, the supporters of opposing parties have engaged in fiercely waged wars of images on social media. Germany’s elections have also long since ceased to be won on the street or in the traditional media—Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other services have become the digital market place for political disputation. For Bundestagswahl, which more …