From Chongqing to 重庆

Organhaus Art Space, Chongqing, China
Curator: Johannes Auer
Solo show

Exhibited Artwork

Skin the Sculpture

Interactive net-based installation

Skin the Sculpture is an interactive Net-Based installation that is constantly changing and continuously renewed. The user can playfully skin a sculpture with images and text messages searched in real-time on the internet. You can create a new skin by entering a word, or simply by clicking on an image. This automatically searches for similar images by color, form more …

Exhibited Artwork


Site-specific software art

Pairs is an album made of pairs of photographs of the same scene shot at a few seconds of interval. The images are cropped randomly by a software the artist wrote for this project and only five percent of these high-resolution photographs are shown each time. Every viewing being different, it draws the attention of the viewer to a different detail of the same photograph. The random framing allows more …