ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany
Curator: Bernhard Serexhe, Lívia Rózsá
Artists: aaajiao (Xu Wenkai), Hamra Abbas, Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Selma Alaçam, Halil Altindere, Jacob Appelbaum, Olivia Arthur, Sophia Bauer, Anca Benera & Arnold Estefan, Michael Bielicky & Kamila B. Richter, Zach Blas, Osman Bozkurt, James Bridle, Gonçalo F. Cardoso, Alice Cavoudjian, Chen Ching-Yao, James Coupe, Maxim Dondyuk, Hasan Elahi, Mounir Fatmi, Lutz Fezer, Finger Pointing Worker + Kota Takeuchi, Daniel G. Andújar, Fidel García, Benjamin Gaulon, Laurent Grasso, Michael Grudziecki, Holly Herndon, Kenneth Tin-Kin Hung, Jonathon Keats, Martin Lukas Kim, Bodo Korsig, Andrée Korpys & Marcus Löffler, Joe Krasean, Frédéric Krauke, Kwan Sheung Chi, Marc Lee, Alexander Lehmann, Milica Lopicic, Jorge Loureiro, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Jonas Lund, Jill Magid, Virginia Mastrogiannaki, Erik Mátrai, Metahaven, Tomomi Morishima, Jens Mühlhoff, Gerardo Nolasco Magaña, Chris Oakley, Sener Özmen, Trevor Paglen, Ruben Pater, Dieter Paul, Chantal Peñalosa, Dan Perjovschi, Axel Philipp, Sascha Pohle, Ma Qiusha, Oliver Ressler, Khvay Samnang, Julia Scher, Shinseungback Kimyonghun, Christian Sievers, Hito Steyerl, Svay Sareth, Team Titanic, Wilko Thiele, UBERMORGEN.COM, Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, Damian Weber & Elisabeth Pleß, Moritz Walser, Alex Wenger & Max-Gerd Retzlaff

Exhibited Artwork

Realtime Stories - Mapping the Free Flow of Information Around the World in Realtime

Generative net-based installation

Realtime Stories - Mapping the Free Flow of Information Around the World in Realtime is a net-based art installation consisting of four large wall-sized projections and eight audio channels. Visitors can see and hear what's happening in real-time around the world. Stories about people's current day-to-day issues are visualized as an endless flow. Visitors realize how different lives are lived more …

Exhibited Artwork

Pic-Me - Fly to the Locations Where Users Send Posts

Online project

With Pic-Me you can virtually fly to the locations from where users send randomly selected posts to Instagram, thus creating another view on how the media handles posts on social networks. One might describe these posts – images or short videos accompanied by comments, tags and geolocalization – as a kind of digital small talk or personal conversation. Different than face to face conversations more …

Exhibited Artwork


Mixed media installation

In this installation, Marc Lee shows the wonderful world of surveillance technology. On a shelf are cameras in all possible forms: hidden spy cams, surveillance cams, night vision webcams, real-looking dummy cams. As a counter-design to the utopia of total security through camera surveillance, Lee shows the website The visitors of the website have access to the images of thousands more …

Book cover, futuristic police surveillance stations

Global Control and Censorship

ZKM | Center for Art and Media
Exhibition brochure, 68 pages
Deutsch, English
Bernhard Serexhe,  Lívia Rózsá

Global Control and Censorship Deutsch English

Knowledge is power. And power is possessed especially by whoever controls the flow of information. This applies particularly in digital culture, where all the information in the World Wide Web can be manipulated, uncontrolled. For a long time, a hope for new forms of democratic participation arose from the use of these digital instruments, but recently they have been misused as the ideal door opener for the surveillance of billions of people. Democratic states have long reserved the right to spy even on their »friends«, in all military, economic, and social aspects, and on all levels: governments, organizations, NGOs, and individual citizens are all under surveillance.

Besides mass analysis of communications metadata and massive access to personal data, there is increasingly open or clandestine censorship through manipulation or shutting down. Where the fear of this threat has no effect, the secrecy of important information is enforced, with methods ranging from hindering publication to kidnapping and assassinating journalists. Being at the mercy of overwhelmingly powerful authorities of control and censorship has become the conditio humana of our time. Today a large part of the public has already resigned in the face of a ubiquitous state and commercial surveillance.
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