Phaenomenale 2015

Science Center phaeno, Wolfsburg, Germany
Curator: Marcel Schwierin, Andreas Broeckmann, Justin Hoffmann, Monika Kiekenap-Wilhelm, Anita Placenti-Grau (Jury Social Media Art Award)
Artists: Francis Kamprath, Brautkleid, Deutschland // Marc Lee, Pic-me, Schweiz // Sebastian Schmieg u.a., Networked Optimization, Deutschland/Italien // Intimidad Romero, Romero Intimidad, Kolumbien //Neozoon, Deutschland/Frankreich

Exhibited Artwork

Pic-Me - Fly to the Locations Where Users Send Posts

Online project

With Pic-Me you can virtually fly to the locations from where users send randomly selected posts to Instagram, thus creating another view on how the media handles posts on social networks. One might describe these posts – images or short videos accompanied by comments, tags and geolocalization – as a kind of digital small talk or personal conversation. Different than face to face conversations more …