Protect Your Databody – Clone-It!

Software art, action art

Clone-It 1, LISTE 01, The young art fair in Basel, by LAN and Knowbotic Research in cooperation with [plug_in]
Did you know what your databody looks like? It can be constructed out of the sum of all datatraces which are connected to your name in the internet. This fluctuating amount is continuously being processed and archived by the structures of the internet. For example by governments, commercial enterprises, research institutions. That these datatraces circulate uncontrollably in the net is spooky enough. What is really concerning is the fact, how little we are aware of this.
All databodies of the ART Basel participants get cloned and protected during the week of the Art Fair 01. clone datas, made by TraceNoizer, are printed on stickers and dissiminated in basel during the ART01. the same data is also sent in alphabetical order to net critical mailinglists as well as shown on the website to create a viral presence for the anonymous databody installation and for Clone-It itself as well as for TraceNoizer which is being tested by [plug_in] visitors. The same datas were used for the “Eventmodul:: anonymous.databody.muttering” by Knowbotic Research in cooperation with with Max Rheiner, Peter Sandbichler,
Knowbotic Research uses the TraceNoizer Clone Engine to clone the databodies of the participants of ART01 one of the largest art fairs in the world taking place annually in basel and then uses them in an installation which is show in basel simulaneously. In this installation, visitors can activate the databodies of several ART Basel -participants, while these data streams in turn trigger acoustic and optical signals, and thus provide a spatial experience.

Clone-It 2, Zürich University of Art and Design, by LAN
Clone-It features a list of clone-pages like the ones made by TraceNoizer:
LAN Produced for the COMBInite Party at the Zürich University of Art and Design. All teachers of the school were cloned. Allthough these teachers were informed of this none reacted until two to three months later when the search-engines had picked up the clones. From that moment on a general panic spread among the teachers. Emails started piling up in our mailboxes and the head of our department got angry calls from colleagues whose google-result was tainted by clones generated by Clone-It software. Because the situation got more and more serious we asked a media law expert to evaluate the case. He came up with the this statement. There was also a meeting with the victims of the cloning.

Clone-it Control Center - Example
Clone Control Center Example