Approaches to Interactivity: MetaWorx : Young Swiss Interactive, Book

White book cover with light green fields

Approaches to Interactivity: MetaWorx : Young Swiss Interactive

Birkhäuser, Basel
Book paperback, 175 pages, color illustrations, CD-ROM
English, Deutsch
Vera Bühlmann, Association MetaWorx
ISBN 3764300892, 9783764300890

by Association MetaWorx (Editor), Christoph Tholen (Preface)

New media and interactivity: what do the latest generation of young Swiss designers have to offer? This book provides an overview. MetaWorx is a foundation supported by the leading design schools and art academies of Switzerland. In this publication, MetaWorx presents the next generation of "Swiss Graphics, " providing a challenging contribution to the research into the theory and expression of interactivity which must surely be one of the most stimulating and fascinating fields of art and design in our time. The transdisciplinary perspective opens a wide field where moments of interactivity are expressed in surprising and visionary installations. In this publication, the artists and designers present their projects themselves, and their contributions are accompanied by theoretical texts which reflect on interactivity in general and set the projects within the broader context of modern day culture. The accompanying DVD provides a video documentation including texts, pictures, sounds and applications. MetaWorx will first go public in October 2003 when an exhibition will take place at Viper Basel, an international festival for film, video and new media.


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