media donkeys

mobile formate, Martuel, Switzerland
Curator: Alexander Tuchacek, Marc Lee
Artists: Alejo Duque, Anke Hoffmann, Christian Ratti, Dionys Dammann, Haeyeon Kim, Jan-Kees Van Kampen, Johannes Auer, Jürg Bernhard, Michael Aschauer, Shusha Niederberger and Valentina Vuksic

Exhibited Artwork

Media Donkeys, Mobile Formats

Experimental tour, mobile formats

Three days experimental tour in the Swiss mountains: Schmitten – Martrüel – Ramozhütte In this project a form of experimental mobile/moving with artistic formats and practices are developed, with the use of new medias. Donkeys are transformed into mobile-media stations Media Donkeys, Mobile Formats deals with unstable work and life forms by showing their more …