Mini Residency in Kassel during the dOCUMENTA 13

Site-specific works

Mini Residency in Kassel
During the Mini Residency in Kassel, Marc Lee developed with the use of new media, four site-specific works:
– Ocean Waves
– South Pole
– Bird’s Nest
– GPS Image walk
Setting up, performing and dismantling are equally important.

Ocean Waves
The real-time sound of the road traffic ingresses through the basement window and is combined with the projected video “Ocean Waves”. Road noise is transformed to the sound of ocean waves.

South Pole
Found roof battens overlapping projected webcam image from the South Pole and are linked to each other. The roof battens symbolize impermanence, transiency and ephemerality but they are as rigid objects in space. The South Pole is often presented is static and unchanging, but experienced as a continuous change in the presentation. Together, they reinforce the message that everything is in constant change.

Bird’s Nest
An empty shop is temporarily occupied by projecting webcam image-transitions from a bird’s nest onto the wall from outside. Nesting birds occupying public space is well.

GPS Image Walk
For this walk the visitors were taken on a tour around the area of the Documenta Halle. A GPS receiver is locating continuously the current position and from that, the accordance address is determined using a laptop. These addresses (street, house number and location) are search in Google image search engine and always the first image is projected by a mini-projector. The projections are overlapping realities, sometimes poetic and sometimes real and adding another level of confusion as to what is real and what is fiction.