Video Tour, Halle 87 – City Halle – Haus Tista-Murk

Video Tour, site-specific

The video tour Halle 87 – City Halle – Haus Tista-Murk is a sensual journey through the ZHAW university library in Winterthur. Inside the library you can borrow a tablet with headphones and follow the prerecorded video. Based on this video tour, one is guided through the library and experience it as a real as well as a virtual journey through the library. Being located at the same place where the footage of the video tour was shot, reality and fiction, as well as past, present and future overlapping and melting together. (Hard to explain).

Video Tour, 35′

5′ clip of the 35 minute piece

Speech at the vernissage of the video tour in the ZHAW HSB Winterthur