Youniverse - Bienal de Arte Contemporaneo de Sevilla BIACS3, Catalogue

Youniverse, Bienal Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo de Sevilla

Youniverse - Bienal de Arte Contemporaneo de Sevilla BIACS3

Edition fundacion biacs
Exhibition catalogue, 386 pages
Peter Weibel, RHEE Wonil(이원일), Marie Ange Brayer
ISBN 978-84-6127-285-3

3rd International Biennial of Contemporary Art of Seville - YOUniverse, the exhibition
More than 150 artists from all over the world will participate in the third edition of the International Biennial of Contemporary Art of Seville (Biacs3), which will be held from 2 October 2008 to 9 January 2009.

In the global context of the information and communication society, the Biacs3 will make a new map of Global Art, World Art, addressing the specific aspect of media, environment and technology. Under the title youniverse, the Biennial of Seville will show how contemporary art worldwide has changed through the influence of media, technology, science and architecture by fostering one main goal: the participation of the public and a new equation between man and his environment.

The creations of the selected artists (approximately 180 works) will revolve around mobility, individualisation through technologies, quantum physics, nanotechnology, hydraulic engineering, architecture and the environment. One aspect will be to show that technology as man-made nature can help to solve our problems with natural environments. The other aspect will be the democratization of art. The audience, rather than the artists, is the star. The Biascs3 will present the public with a showcase of the 21st century’s most representative technical breakthroughs on the threshold of a material revolution that will lead us from simulation to stimulation, and will invite visitors to personally interact with the contents of the exhibition.

The artistic curatorial team appointed to plan the contents of the Biacs3 – consisting of Peter Weibel, general director of the ZKM Centre for Art and Media in Karlsruhe, Germany, Wonil Rhee, guest curator of PS1MoMA 2009, Korean curator, and Marie-Ange Brayer, director of the Regional Centre of Contemporary Art of Orleáns, France – aims to adopt an interdisciplinary approach to the general theme of the exhibition.

Artists and works
Airan Kang (Korea), Alessandro Scali & Robin Goode (Italia), The key to paradise. Installation. AMID (cero 9), (Cristina Diaz Moreno y Efren Garcia Grinda. Spain), Immaterial museum. Model + digital animation. Andrei Ujica (Rumania), Out of the Present, 1995. Video-projection. Anne Niemetz / Andrew Pelling (Germany), The Dark Side of the Cell II, 2004/2008. Installation. Antonio Barrese (Italia), Zeus playing, 2008. Installation. Archigram (Peter Cook. U.K.), Instant City, 1969. Drawing. Archizoom (Andrea Branzi. Italia), No-Stop-City, 1969. Model + digital impression. Atelier Hitoshi Abe & Masahige Motoe (Japan), MegaHouse, 2001. Digital animation. Axel Killian (USA / Germany), Chair, 2006. Model + DVD. Bas Princen (Holland), Birdwatchers, 2001. Photography. Bill Viola (USA), Tree of Knowledge, 1997. Video-installation. Bose Krishnamachari (India), Ghost: Transmemoir. Installation. Brümer, Ramakrishnan & Weibel (Germany), Pattern machine, 2004. Installation. Carlo Ratti Associati (Italia), Digital WaterPavillion, Zaragoza, 2008. Digital animation. Catherine Ikam (France), Yoona 1, 1999. Installation. David, 1999. Installation. Depuis, 1990. Installation. Fragments d´un archétvpe, 1980. Installation. Chen Wen Ling (China), Uninvited Guest, 2008. Sound-light sculpture. 400 x 235 x 255 cm. Chico Macmurtrie (USA), Totemobile, 2007. Installation. Christa Sommerer / Laurent Mignonneau (Austria), Life Writer. Interactive installation. Christoph Höschele (France), Blainville-Crevon-Neuilly-sur-Seine, 2007. Installation. CHS Arquitectos (Spain), Nam June Paik Museum. Model + video. Claude Parent (France), Oblique Potentialism. Drawings. CLOUD 9 (Enric Ruiz-Geli. Spain), Media-Tic Building, 2007. Model + digital animation. Concha Jerez y José Iges (Spain), Arenas movedizas, 2008. Interactive installation. Coop Himmelb(l)au (Austria), Villa Rosa,1968. Drawings. Curro González (Spain), El Enjambre I y El Enjambre II, 2005. Painting. Daniela Kutschat / Rejane Cantoni (Brazil), OP_ERA, 2004. Interactive installation. Dionisio González (Spain), Elegia, 1938. Installation. Dora García (Spain), Todas las historias, 2001. Webblog. EcoLogicStudio (Claudia Pasquero & Marco Poletto. U.K.). STEMCloud, 2008. Installation. BIACS production. Electronic Shadow (Naziha Mestaoui & Yacine Ait Kazi. France), Ex - lles, 2003. Installation. Elio Caccavale & Id-lab (Stefano Mirti, Line Ulrika Christiansen, Fabio Mennella. Italia), Animal Pharm, 2008. Installation. BIACS production. Emergent Architecture (Tom Wiscombe. USA), Novosibirsk Pavilion, 2007 Bathwing, 2008 Model + digital animation. EZCT (Philippe Morel, Jelle Jeringa & Félix Agid. France), Chair model, 2004. Model + dvd. Eugenio Ampudia (Spain), Crédulos, Installation. Francisco Almengló (Spain), M.U.A. Manipulaciones Urbanísticas Abusivas, 2000-2001. Installation. François Dallegret (Canada), A Home is not a House, 1965. Drawing. Gianni Pettena (Italia), Wearable Chairs, 1969. Photographs. Giselle Beiguelman (Brazil), Giuliana Cunéaz (Italia), Painted Screens, 2008. Projections. Gregor Eichinger (Austria), Urbar, installation. Golan Levin y Zachary Lieberman (USA), Messa di Voce, 2003. Interactive Sound Installation. Gonzalo Puch (Spain), Sin titulo, 2004. Photography. Götz Dipper (Germany), Mozart-Würfel, 2007. Interactive Sound Installation. (Spain), Water 4 bits, a second life in Europe´s Pavillion, Sevilla. Installation at CAAC + intervention in the Europe Pabellón. Hiraki Sawa (Japan), Eight Minutes, 2005. Video. Inhere, 2004. Video. Ian + (Italia), Goethe House, 1999. Model. Informationlab (Auke Touwslager, Ursula Lavrenčič. Holland), Cell Phone Disco, 2006. Installation. Jakob + MacFarlane (Dominique Jacob & Brendan MacFarlane. France), Maison H, 2004. Model + digital animation. James Law Cybertecture (China), The Pad Tower, Dubai, 2007. Digital animation. Jeff Han (USA), Media Mirror, 2006. Installation. Jennifer Steinkamp (USA Window Project. John Gerrard (Ireland), One Thousand Year Down, 2005. Portrait to Smile Once a Year, 2006. Jones Partners Architecture (Wes Jones. USA), Hesselink Guest Hut, 2004. Drawing. Jordan Wolfson (USA.), Nostalgia is Fear. Installation. José Maria Mellado (Spain), Jesús Palomino (Spain), EMISIÓN NOCTURNA DUDH * & 4 PROGRAMAS DE RADIO, 2008 * Declared by the Universal Human Rights. Site-Specific installation. Biacs3. Juan Carlos Robles (Spain), Volker, 2003. Video. Jurgen Mayer H. (Germany), Metropol Parasol, 2008. Digital animation. Kibong Rhee (Korea), Bachelor-The Dual Body, 2003. Installation. Kisho Kurokawa (Japan, 1934 - 2007), Pavillon Toshiba, Osaka World Fair, 1970. Model. Kol/ Mac LLC (Sulan Kolatan & William MacDonald. USA), Inversabrane, 2007. Model + digital animation. Lillian Ball (USA), Go-Doñana, 2008. Site-specific installation. BIACS production. Manfred Wolff-Plotegg (Austria), Hiper Hybrid Generador, installation second life. Manolo Bautista (Spain), Diamond Motel. Video. Marc Lee (Switzerland), Breaking the News- Be a News- Jockey, 2007. Installation. Marcel.Li Antunez (Spain), DMD Europa. Installation. Markus Huemer (Germany), Martín Bonadeo (Argentina), Moebius Display, 2006. Installation. Martin Walde (Austria), Production Limits. Installation. Masaki Fujihata (Japan), Beyond Pages, 1995. Interactive installation. Morel's panorama. Interactive installation. Mathias Gommel / Peter Weibel (Germany), FLICK_SE,, 2007. Interactive installation. MATERIALECOLOGY (Neri Oxman. USA), Beast, 2008. Models. Matthew Ritchie (USA), MGM (Morales, Giles, Mariscal, Esther Pizarro y Spain), Plaza de las Libertades. Model + digital impression + installation at the Santa Justa train station + DVD. Michael Sailstorfer (Germany), Sternschnuppe,2002. Installation. Michael Schuster (Austria), Autofocus trap IV / Autofocusfalle IV. Installation. Monika Fleischmann / Wolfgang Strauss (Germany), Liquid Views - De Mirror of Narcissus. Installation. BIACS production. Mushon Zer-Aviv (USA), Atlas Gloves, 2006. Installation. Nam June Paik (Korea), Partition TV. Installation. NOX (Lars Spuybroek. Holland), Pavillon H2O, 1994. Model + DVD. OCEAN (Michael Henses & Achim Menges. U.K. / Sweden), World Center, 2001-2004. Model + digital animation. Oh Yong-Seok (Korea), Drama, 2005. Installation. Cross. Installation. Drama nº3. Installation. Oliver van der Berg (Germany), Kameras, 2007. Installation. Sternenprojektor, 2005. Installation. ONL (Oosterhuis_Lénard. Holland), Portals, 2008. DVD. OSA – Open Source Architecture- (Eran Neuman, Aaron Sprecher, Chandler Ahrens. Israel/ USA), I-Grid, 2008. Model. OSS - Open Source Space (Ángel Borrego Cubero. Madrid, Spain), Civil Registry Office, 2007. Model + impression. Paul De Marinis (USA), Fireflies Alight on the Abacus of Al-Farabi, 1989. Installation. A Light Rain, 2004. Interactive installation. Philip Pocock (Canada), Yunjun Lee (South Korea), Jayoung Bang (South Korea), Alex Wenger (Switzerland), Julian Finn (Germany / U.K.), Daniel Burckhardt (Switzerland), Linus Stolz (Germany), Lorenz Schwarz (Germany), y Markus Zielke (Germany), Alanδ, 2008. Site-specific installation. BIACS production. Philippe Rahm (France), Mollier’s House, 2007. Model + digital animation. PIPS: Lab (collective. Holland), Luma2solator, 2004. Interactive installation. Rafael Lozano-Hemmer (México), Caja de sombras # 6. Interactive installation. Caja de sombras # 2. Interactive installation. Ramón Guardans (Spain), Algorithmic Echolocation 08´. Interactive installation. RobotLab (Germany), Juke_bots, 2001. Installation. bios_bible, 2007. Installation. Roland Fuhrmann (Germany), The Oath of Allegiance, 2005. Installation. Accelerator, 2002. Installation. Prayer Wheel, 2004. Installation. Rosalie (Germany), Helios, 2007. Installation. R&Sie (n), (Francois Roche, Stéphanie Lavaux. France), Dusty relief, Bangkok, 2002. Model + digital animation.. SCENOCOSME (Grégory Lasserre / Anais met den Ancxt. France), Akousmaflore, 2008. Installation. BIACS production. SERVO (Chris Perry, Ulricka Karlsson, Marcelyn Gow. USA), Spoorg, 2006. Installation. Sergio Prego (Spain), Shi Jinsong (China), Moto. Installation. Metal Desk, 2007. Installation. Metal Motorcycle, 2007. Installation. Shilpa Gupta (India), Untitled, 2006. Interactive video-projection. Stephan von Huene (EE.UU., 1932 – Germany, 2000), Greetings/ Grüsse, 1996. Interactive installation. SunMyoung Choi (Korea), Evidence of the invisible 1. Video- projection. Third passover_0307, 2007. Video-installation. Susan Hefuna (Egypt), U 1429/2008 ANA 1429/2008 Site-specific installation. Tamás Waliczky (Hungary), Landscap. Video. Tim Macmillan (Germany), Ferment. Installation. Tom Kovac (Australia), Visualising the virtual concourse, 2008. Installation. BIACS production. Tom Verebes (U.K.), Genlite, 2005. Luminous system, installation. Toyo Ito (Japan), Torre de los Vientos, Yokohama, 1986. Model. Vicente Guallart (Barcelona, Spain), Wroclaw Mountain, Expo 2012. Model + digital animation.. Wolfgang Munch (Germany), Bubbles, 2005. Interactive installation. Wu Ming Zhong / Wu Ming Jong (China), Photographic installation. Xefirotarch (Hernán Díaz Alonso. USA), Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries (Korea), All Fall Down. Digital animation. Zbigniew Rybczynski (Poland), Adel Abdessemed (Algeria), God is Design, 2005. Video. Ai Ran Kang (Korea), Digital book. Video intallation. Bill Viola (USA), The reflecting Pool, 1977-79. Video projection. Dave Griffiths (UK), Aljazari, 2007. Interactive installation. Eli Gur Arie (Israel), Untitled, 2003. Sculpture. Hand, 1998. Sculpture. Untitled, 2002. Sculpture. Monitored Feeding Station, 2002-03. Sculpture. UVA, 2006. Sculpture. Perfume Pedestal, 1998. Sculpture. Arctic Spring, 2003. Sculpture. Disposable incubator, 2003. Sculpture. Eugenio Ampudia (Spain), En Juego, 2006. Video. Jeffrey Shaw (Australia), T_Visionarium. Interactive installation. Juan Carlos Robles (Spain), Asia Info-Box, 2002. Photography. Kibong Rhee (Korea), Bachelor – The Dual Body. Installation. Kim Shin-il (Korea), Water. Video. Lee Nam Lee (Korea), Digital Korean Eight Fold Screen – Cross of Ensemble. Installation. Lee Yong Doek (Korea), I´m Still Here. Sculpture. MEDRAR (Egypt), Within the region. Audiovisual. Miri Segal (Israel), BRB, Documentary video from Second Life, 2007. Moon Beom (Korea), A Revisionist, 4km/h. Photograph. An Anarchist, 1cm/min. Photograph. An Anarchist, 0m/day. Photograph. An Anarchist, 1mm/day. Photograph. Olafur Eliasson (Denmark), TV Lamp, 2006. Installation. Sangkyoon Noh (Korea), One End. Installation. Another End. Installation. Double End. Installation. The New End. Installation. What are You Looking for. Scupture. WAYLF – me – pink. Sculpture. Sang Nam Lee (Korea), L-Algorithm 002, 2008. L-Algorithm 003, 2008. Shao Kang (China), Temple II. Installation. Shi Jin Song (China), Robot Baby. Sculpture. Son Bong-Chae (Korea), Scent of Andalucía Stone, 2007. Interactive sculpture. SunMyoung Choi (Korea), The Evidence of the invisible, 2008. Digital video. Susan Hefuna (Egypt), ENTA 1429/2008. Installation. Xu Zhong Min (China), Trekking around the mountain nº2. Installation. Yasuhiro Suzuki (Japan), Globe Jungle Project, 2002. Installation. Yong Ho Ji (Korea), Cyborg Lyon. Tire sculpture.


Exhibited Artwork

Breaking the News - Be a News-Jockey

Interactive net-based multi screen installation

Exhibited Artwork TV - Be the First to Know!

Interactive online news channel