10.000 moving cities – same but different, offline version

Interactive multi screen installation

10.000 moving cities – same but different, Offline Version

PHOTOFAIRS | Shanghai – International Art Fair, Shanghai exhibition center, China, 2016
Space: 30 x 16 x 7m (LWH)
1 touchscreen monitor, 13 LED screens in different sizes and 13 speakers

10.000 moving cities – same but different deals with globalized cities as changing ‘Non-Places’ in terms of Marc Augé. On a touchscreen, visitors can choose one out 21 different cities. For each city, 13 different videos are playing synchronized on 13 large LED screens including 13 sound sources. The videos are showing screen capturing’s of the “10.000 moving cities” virtual reality application. Visitor discovers local, cultural, and linguistic differences among the cities, as well as similarities. The artwork explores how globalization creates “places without a local identity” – as described in Marc Augé’s essay Non-Lieux.

Sponsered: Mercedes Benz and Modern Media Group China