Marc Lee: interactive art installations, new media art, online artworks, social media art


Realtime stories - mapping the free flow of information around the world in realtime

10.000 moving cities - same but different

10.000 moving cities – same but different, VR (Virtual Reality)

Pic-me - fly to the locations where users send posts


Mini Residency in Kassel during the dOCUMENTA 13

Breathing Newsbots


Skin the sculpture

Breaking the News - Be a News-Jockey

Oamos - Meta-Inspiration Engine

Open News Network (O-N-N)

TV Bot - World News as Soon as It Happens!

The Show Must Go On. Social Media Fights for the Presidency! TV - Be the First to Know!

Tracenoizer - Disinformation on Demand

Protect Your Databody - Clone-It!

NEWS, I'm Lovin' It

The Pyramid Project

4 Questions


Nothing's Forever


Media donkeys, mobile formats




Marc Lee is a Swiss media artist. He is creating network-oriented interactive projects, interactive installations, media art, internet art, performance art and video art. He is experimenting with information and communication technologies and within his contemporary art practice, he reflect creative, cultural, social, economic and political aspects. His artworks reflect the visions and limits of our information society in an intelligent manner and question this critically.

His works are exhibited in major Museums and new media art exhibitions including: ZKM Karlsruhe, New Museum New York, Transmediale Berlin, Ars Electronica Linz and MMCA Seoul.

Marc Lee he has won many prizes and honorary mentions at international festivals,
including “Interaction” and “Software” Awards at Transmediale Berlin und der Social-Media-Art-Award at Phaenomenale Wolfsburg

His art projects are in private and public collections like the Swiss Confederation Federal Art Collection Bern, HeK Basel, Fotomuseum Winthertur and the ZKM Karlsruhe.

He is lecturing, teaching and holding workshops about art and social media, contemporary digital art, media hacking, electronic art and network culture in many art schools including China Academy of Art (CAA) Hangzhou, Strelka Moscow, Shanghai Institute of Visual Art (SIVA), National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMCA) Seoul and ZHdK Zurich

Art with social networks
In many projects, Marc Lee uses user-generated content – posts from social networks.
In traditional photography- and video art, it’s an artist group or single artist who decides, what will be shown. Using user generated-content, people all over the world receive a voice by sharing their thoughts and stories on social networks. They see things in the immediate vicinity. Their posts are personal points of views and a window to a changing world. As a gigantic sum, they provide a comprehensive picture of the world that becomes part of the artwork. The viewer of this artwork participates in the social movements of our time. In that way, we are able to reflect our life, hopes, wishes and especially the culture of the younger generation. Perhaps more contemporary then through traditional art. Such artworks are changing and alter continuously. They are never the same – always new. Like nature – an endless river, every second new.